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ACCESS program:the fifth season

November 1, at the conference hall of the library opening ceremony of the fifth season of the program ACCESS. At the ceremony of initiation in students ACCESS attended by an expert on the development of partnerships between universities of Kazakhstan and the United States, Richard Boyum, cultural attache at the US Embassy in Kazakhstan Megan Tetrick, a specialist program inthe field of culture and education of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan Aidana Kenesbaeva,the administration of the library, teachers and graduates of the ACCESS program, the staff of  the American library corner, relatives and friends of the new students ACCESS.
English Access Microscholarship Program - is a two-year program of the US State Department, which gives the opportunity to young people from families with a low income for free to learn English. In addition, the program is aimed at developing the skills of children's participation in social and economic development of their country, develop their leadership skills. Studying the program ACCESS, students increase their competitiveness for admission to prestigious universities and participation in competitions of the international educational programs for student exchange. Guests, teachers and relatives turned to the "recruits" to the warm parting words. We wish patience, perseverance and success in mastering the English language. Alumni (participants in previous seasons ACCESS Program), organized in the hall of a small "demonstrations": demonstrated success in learning English, the ability  speak in front of an audience.
In conclusion, Mr. Richard Boyum handed participants certificates beginners English Access Microscholarship Program 2016-2018 and congratulated the beginning of the training. We join all the kind words addressed to our children, we wish them the benefit and pleasure to spend two years at the School of the ACCESS, make new friends, expand their horizons and be inspired to achieve the most daring and ambitious goals!           
Coordinator: Saule Shingalieva Tel.:  261-333 (extension 106)
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